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Showing to the generations to come the praises of the Lord.  Ps. 78:4

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Since 2006 I have had the privilege of designing, writing and illustrating large format children's books for the purpose of teaching Biblical truth to children of primary school age.  The titles are grouped here according to publisher, each of whom I want to thank sincerely:

1. Amazon (, etc)

2. The Banner of Truth Trust, Edinburgh.

3. Day One Christian Ministries, Leominster.

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Psalms for Children to Learn and Love is a Bible Study Activity Book for 7-11 yr olds. Psalms considered include 1,8,19,23,46,51,91,103,119 and 139.  Truths about creation, the sovereignty of God, his character, his Word, his provision for sin through Jesus Christ, his care for those who trust him and his intimate knowledge of each one of us, are all considered. Word-based activities are used to help maintain interest.  (Pub. 2022 Amazon)

From Adam to Noah is a Bible Study Activity Book also for 7-11 yr olds.  A careful look at the early chapters of Genesis; God's dealing with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, the Fall of Man, and some biblical facts about Cain, Abel, Seth, Enoch, Methuselah and Noah.  Activities include word codes, word searches, jumbled sentences etc.  Eight character pictures in the centre pages can be removed and used to begin a timeline. (Pub. 2021 Amazon)

Nature Notes is a collection of ten lessons first written for the children's page of a church magazine, and is suitable for ages 7-11 depending on ability.

The teaching is based on anecdotes involving ten well known creatures: bat, butterfly, sheep, duck, cow, jellyfish, crab, cat, dog and robin.

Photographs, drawings and activities are included to help children assimilate the truths being taught.

Each lesson concludes with an outline and verse to colour, which again  reinforces the central truth.

Bible Crosswords          Crossword puzzles (for ages 7-10 years - depending on Bible knowledge) which are simplified by the fact that all the answers in each puzzle begin with the same letter.

The large black and white illustrations will give a clue to at least one of the answers on each page.  Bible references are included with the more difficult questions.

Colour up to Christmas has simple text and a clear, relevant illustration to colour on each page. Children can use the book as an Advent calendar by completing one page per day during December.

Help them focus on the real meaning of Christmas as they consider God's dealings with his people, from the garden of Eden right up to Bethlehem, and beyond.  

A Bible Alphabet presents each of 26 simple biblical objects in alphabetical order using large, colourful illustrations and a few sentences of explanatory text.  

Suitable for the early years it encourages further questions about each story or character, for which the Bible references are given at the back of the book.

A Bible Alphabet Activity Bookis a colouring book for young children, with clear, inviting illustrations matching those in A Bible Alphabet    

The initial letter can be coloured too and at the bottom of each page there are simple sentences, from which the word being taught is missing.

A Bible Alphabet Busy Book can accompany A Bible Alphabet, and is especially designed for parents and teachers who want to use the Bible as the starting point for their teaching.

These pages help develop writing skills, using a variety of activities, some of which allow the more able child to make his own sentences.

Bible Numbers is also suitable for lower primary children. The numbers 1-12 are associated with Biblical objects, eg. one forbidden tree, two stone tablets, three special gifts etc.

Each object, or group of objects, is presented using a large colourful illustration and a paragraph of explanatory text. On each facing page the child has opportunity to colour the picture to show that they understand the concept of each number.

Bible Animals uses 14 large colourful animal illustrations to teach some vital Biblical doctrines about God's holiness, the problem of sin, a sacrifice for sin, repentance, faith in Jesus Christ, God's care for his children, faith, prayer... etc.

Each animal is set in context, using a few explanatory paragraphs. The birds and animals chosen are generally well known, eg. a serpent, a dove, a lion, a rooster. A Bible truth is then taught, with a picture to colour, on each facing page.

Bible Names presents the gospel to lower primary-aged children through the consideration of well-known Bible names and their meanings. The characters are introduced in chronological order, each with a large, colourful illustration.

Gospel truths are explained throughout. The activities are simply 'missing words' and the child is given the opportunity to illustrate the story events.

God's Amazing Book could be described as a quick walk from the book of Genesis right through to the Revelation, designed for the upper primary age-group. 

By the time we reach the New Testament we clearly see that the birth, life and death of Jesus was a gracious fulfillment of the previous promises of God.

Just As God Said! follows a similar format; Biblical truths are presented and then followed by an activity intended to keep children involved and thinking.

Topics covered include : Famous Scientists, God the Designer, Earth's Foundations, Measurements, Gravity, Earth is a Sphere, Day and Night, Glory in The Sky...

The Work of His Fingers  This is probably the book I most enjoyed making.

It's written in rhyme, with a slightly 'tongue in cheek' style, and looks at the most obvious evidences of our world having had a Designer.

Many of the illustrations are in colour...

and the rest were created using my faithful black bic-biro!

In the beginning God created... is an A5 activity type book (b&w) designed for upper primary children. The events of the six days of Creation are thoughtfully considered, with continual careful reference to the scripture text.

And God made the beasts... (for the same age group) considers the dinosaur question in the light of Scripture.  Follow-up activities help consolidate the Bible teaching on each page. 

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